This abuse is due to an industry that has driven a culture of “A woman can’t make a decision on her own” and “A woman knows nothing about cars”, Therefore, A woman won’t know a good deal from a bad deal, so, She shall be taken advantage of.

After almost 30 years in the Automotive industry, I know what happens inside of franchise dealerships as well as independent Dealerships, and, unfortunately, how women are treated that come in alone, or, with a girlfriend.  The hardest part of purchasing a vehicle is negotiating a trade in. Most people do not know that the dollar amount they show you for your trade-in is not actually what they would write a check for to purchase your vehicle. It’s called “Trade Allowance”.  

This is a number that is inflated to make you “Think” you received more for your car than you actually did. It’s illegal, yet, It’s done every day.

It is my passion to remove the trade in the piece from the equation.  By removal of the trade in, there are no numbers to play with, it’s straight across numbers: The vehicle, tax, license, title, government fees and taxes and any extras that you purchase such as an extended service contract, GAP insurance, etc..  Think about it, if there is nothing to inflate, and you are speaking on a cash level, all things become much clearer. So now, I purchase the trade-in, and give them cash for their car; they, in turn, use the cash as a down payment, and, negotiate the price for the vehicle they want to purchase without any hidden inflated numbers (that ends up in the Dealers pocket as profit).  Simple, easy, clean.