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Why do business with My Auto Gal?

For us, this answer is simple:  We have the passion, drive, and knowledge that will help you on your next vehicle transaction.  And, quite frankly, after 30 years of seeing Women be second-guessed in the automotive arena, we want to arm as many women as possible to negotiate and obtain the very best deal possible!  

What if my car is doesn’t run?

I’ll give you 3 guesses on the answer, and the first two don’t count!  YES! We can purchase your vehicle.

Who can use MY AUTO GAL?

Anyone and everyone selling a vehicle. 

What if I owe money on my car?

We will contact your financial institution to obtain an exact payoff amount. Once you decide that this is the avenue you would like to take, we will pay off your loan, and complete all of the necessary documents to release you from the vehicle as well as give you official copies of all documents for your records.

What if my payments are behind?

It’s a good thing you called My Auto Gal!  We will still call the bank to obtain an exact payoff amount, and inform the bank of what we are doing to help the situation for you.  And, yes, we can still purchase your vehicle.

Does my car have to be smogged?

NO!  If your vehicle is due for a smog certificate, there is no need to worry, we can still purchase your vehicle.

What if my title is Salvaged?

Not a problem at all.  Although Salvage vehicle titles can mean a mirage of different things, we still can purchase your vehicle even with a salvage title.  Here is a little fact for you: The United States is the only Country that deems the value of a vehicle based on a title type! That’s right!  Thank goodness My Auto Gal has buyers in over 150 Countries!

What if my vehicle is damaged?

Not a problem….last I checked, not all vehicles are created equal!  I like to say that damage is just character, or, memory scars…either way, we can still purchase your car, truck, or SUV,  paid for or not.